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CURRENT THEME (Deadline January 71, 2017): Innovation.

In Layman’s Terms seeks poetry, nonfiction, visual art, and photography that showcase stories of innovation found in the natural world, or by humans. We want to know how technology helps and hurts. We want artistic ways of dealing with strange problems, like raccoons flipping over experiments instead of solving them as researchers intended. We want to hear about how bees fight off intruders with coordinated dances. Send us your best work that inspires the curious mind and reminds us just how much we still have to learn.


:  a person who does not belong to a particular profession or who is not expert in some field

Need some inspiration? Consider that Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring helped the public understand and reject the destruction caused by widespread use of DDT. Sy Montgomery’s Birdology inspires wonder and curiosity in each chapter dedicated to highlighting unique qualities embodied by different species of birds.

We want poetry and creative nonfiction that is accessible not only to the most enthusiastic and established readers (and scientists), but also for the average person who may otherwise be more likely to see poetry or the personal essay as a challenge to be conquered, or a puzzle to be worked out. 

While works should be based on scientific fact and a research component is welcome, we are not looking for academic writing.

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